August 28, 2014


After the chain store and the family boutique, I'm going to review an online shop. I don't like buying clothing online, because somehow I always buy the wrong sizes. So I was very curious if ordering something personal like glasses would work. I ordered a pair on Firmoo.
Firmoo is actually really cheap. A lot of people want new glasses, but wear contacts regularly so they think a new pair of glasses is too expensive because they don't wear them a lot. But Firmoo is really cheap, my pair only costs less than 60$, which is 45€, super cheap!

First thing you do is choose a pair, I chose again for a rounder frame. All of the measures are up on the website, so I compared those measures to my old glasses, so the frame would fit. And it fits. I knew these glasses would be bigger than mine, everything was as expected. 

When you have chosen your pair of glasses, you need to fill in your doctors eye measures. I did, and surprisingly the glasses are perfect. They aren't too strong, they're just fine. I think that's what a lot of people are afraid of, that the glasses won't be right, but mine were. You can add every single thing the doctor measures.

And that's it, your pair is on the way: a week later your new glasses are delivered to your door.

You can buy your glasses at Firmoo without being scared. The only little disadvantage I found were that the temples aren't bend over my ears, so they're a little bit loose on the ears. But the cheap price definitely makes up for that!

And Firmoo has a gift for my readers: add the code FIRMOO5Y to your order and get 40% off! Valid from 1 to 10 September! 

Did you ever ordered something as personal as glasses online? Would you now?

Love, Rani


  1. They look really pretty! I can't believe that it's only €45.

  2. Love this pair of glasses, I didn't know online ordering was so easy!

  3. Ik zag op the bloggerlist dat je een nieuwe lay-out had. Hij is super mooi! :)

  4. "Firmoo's Review 3 is a game-changer! Honest insights and detailed analysis make it a go-to resource for eyewear choices. Thank you for the invaluable guidance!"


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