May 4, 2013

Trapeze Bag.

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Oh how I love the trapeze bag, and since the Céline one isn't cheap I searched the web for a lookalike, and I found one at the Deep Devotion webshop.

Normally my boyfriend orders everything online and at that time he wasn't around.
But I was so scared that it would sell out, so I ordered it myself.
The owner of Deep Devotion helped me order and really, the service was simply great.
You get an (quick!) answer to every question, I've never experienced such a good service at a webshop. 
The package came just in time. Everything was simply impeccable. 

The dress I'm wearing should be familiar, it's one of the pieces of the New Icons collection of H&M. 
The Daphne Groeneveld dress, too bad that I'm wearing the smallest size but it still looks kind of oversized. (It looks tighter at the H&M photo's.)

What do you think about my trapeze bag?

Love, Rani

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