January 24, 2013

Paris Fashion Week: Haute Couture S/S 13: DAY 1

Here is a review of the Paris Fashion Week: Haute Couture S/S 13: Day 1.
What exactly Haute Couture is can you read here , in my previous blogpost.


Christophe Josse:
There were 15 looks.
Breathtaking pieces.
Soft colors or dark colors.
Lace and ruffles.
A hint of minimalism. (shapes)
Long Dresses. (duh!)
Here are my favorite looks:

You can see more here: Christophe Josse
Maurizio Galante:
There were 26 looks.
-White and Black models.
-Older models.
-Soft colors + bright colourful looks.
-Variety of styles.
-Special show, you never know what he's up to.

Christian Dior:

There were 46 looks.

-Raf Simons.
-Flowers. Flower details.
-'Simple' for haute couture. (But that's Raf Simons and we like that about him.)
-The collection presents the seasons and the changes.

My favorites:

God, yes, yes. I love black tights. Thank you for the black tights.

Amazing. Reminds me of the Jil Sander beanie.

Yay, black tights! And yay love the hat. Reminds me of the Jil Sander beanie.

You can find all the looks here .
Iris Van Herpen:

There were 11 looks.

-Flexible outfits for 3D-printing.

My favorites:

That reminds me of this .

More here: Iris Van Herpen
Alexis Mabille:

There were 26 looks.

-Head over heels for this collection.
-Lace, layers, ruffles and tulle.
-Pastels and grey.
-Very feminine.

My favorite looks:

Simply wow. Stunning.

GiamBattista Valli:

There were 43 looks.

-If short, then very short.
-Dip hem (front shorter than back.)
-Capes at the back of dresses.
-Ruffles, layers and tulle.

More: here .

This was the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Day 1.

Who's your favorite? And what's your favorite look?

If I had to choose I'd pick Alexis Mabelle and my favorite look is definitely the layered grey fading (or dip-dye) big dress.

Love, Rani


  1. My favorite is Iris Van Herpen, I love the fourth look.
    And your blog is really fun to read. I'm already looking forward to the next post


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